Benefits of Using Portable Modems for Your Internet Connection

a telstra portable modem

Having an internet connection 24/7 is a must nowadays; most people can’t live their lives without being connected to the internet as many transactions, ways of communicating, and forms of entertainment are easily accessible because of the internet.


Thankfully portable modems make staying online possible no matter where you are. These small devices are convenient and easy to carry with you anywhere, helping people gain access to the world wide web no matter where they are.



What is a portable modem and how does it work?


Look for your modem at home or at work. Now imagine it much smaller, with no cords attached to it. A portable modem has a SIM card slot and gains internet access through mobile data plan or a broadband plan. These portable modems provide private connections with the option to make it accessible to others if you wish to do so.


You might have heard of a portable modem by another name, they are sometimes also known as Mobile Broadband, WiFi Dongles, Pocket WiFi, USB Modems or Pocket WiFi, and they have been making it easy to have safe, secure and private internet connections all over the world. And one of the best parts is, they are super affordable.



Advantages of portable modems

Portable modems offer a wealth of benefits to the user. Keep reading to learn about some of the advantages of a portable modem here.



The number one benefit of having a portable modem is that it is very convenient. And we mean convenient in a few different ways. First, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to slip in your bag or even your pocket. Secondly, it can work for you anywhere, you don’t need to worry about trying to find a power source to plug it into, you’ve got readily accessible internet access everywhere! And thirdly, they are very easy to set up and configure too.


Secure connections


A portable modem has a firewall that protects users from unwanted attacks from the internet. This level of security is not possible when you try to access public wi-fi and your private information is vulnerable to unauthorized access. You don’t need to worry about the possibility of compromising any personal data with a portable modem!


Fast connection


One key feature of a portable modem on a data plan is its fast internet connection. There are plans that provide 3G, 4G, and 5G network connections. Do keep in mind that the internet speed is dependent on which network you are connected to and if your modem has dual band Wi-Fi.




We cannot emphasise enough how important portability is and how much of a key feature it is when it comes to these portable modems. The fact that a fast internet connection is literally available in the palm of your hand is enough reason for you to get one of your own. Let’s not also forget that it doesn’t need cords to stay connected to the internet (something that many people find to be a gem when it comes to portable devices). No more tangled cords for this one!


Ability to create multiple subnets.


Portable modems have the ability to have as many as 10 devices connected to the internet. From laptops, cellphones, game consoles, tablets, and even computers, there’s nothing a portable modem can’t handle!



Battery life is admirable


Portable modems can run for as long as a week (depending on the user), making it a very important device for those who are always on the go. Its battery life is much better than your standard laptop or tablet so reliability-wise, a portable modem should be on your must-have list if you prefer to have internet access no matter where you are in the world. 


Portable modems at Auditech


Here at Auditech, we offer a range of portable internet devices at affordable prices to make it easy for you to access these benefits. 


Take a look at some of the portable modems readily available at Auditech, with price ranging from $39 to $129:


Optus 4G E3372 USB Modem + 4GB Data - $39


This USB -type of portable modem is the very definition of “plug and play” -- just stick it in one of your USB ports and you’re instantly connected to the internet. It comes with 4 GB worth of data via a prepaid SIM from Optus.


Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX E8372 USB + WiFi Modem 2020 - White - $49


This tiny device can have up to 5 devices connected to it whilst providing 4GX internet speed, making use of superior 700 Mhz spectrum in 4GX service areas. It is also loaded with prepaid 4gb data.


Telstra Prepaid 4GX Wi-Fi Pro Modem E5787 - $119


This wireless, handy portable modem can have up to 10 devices connected to it. With download speeds of up to 300Mbps, there’s no need to worry about slow connection thanks to the new LTE 700 4GX Telstra network. Its LCD screen displays how much data you have left.



Telstra Prepaid 4GX Wi-Fi Hotspot Modem MF985T - $129


Make use of Telstra’s fastest 4G prepaid mobile broadband hotspot and have up to 20 devices connected to it with ease. LTE download speeds of up to 600Mbps makes it a superior choice over the others. Its LCD touchscreen displays data usage. Its battery life can last up to 10 hours of continuous usage.


Get your portable modem today

Shopping for convenient and easy to use portable modems is easy when you shop with Auditech. Not only do we offer a wide range of portable modems, we also have a huge range of mobile phones, accessories for your mobile, and lots of other tech gadgets. In addition to our huge product range, we also offer fast and reliable customer service, and free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $100.


If you’re looking for tech gear and mobiles at great prices, you can’t beat Auditech.

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