Samsung Smart Home Range

Step into the future and take control of your home with the Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Product range. You can create morning routines, send in the clean-up crew, and set the mood all with the touch of a button.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub can help you control hundreds of compatible devices.  From your home’s lights to setting the perfect temperature, you can manage, control, monitor and secure your home from wherever you are through one app.

Create routines and coordinated functions that make life that little bit easier and feel a little safer with notifications designed to keep you in the know with everything that is happening in your home.

Shop the Samsung Smart Home range here at Auditech. We have what you need to get started in making your home smart and managing compatible devices and appliances. We offer Australia-wide shipping, with FREE shipping for orders over $100.

Shop Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Products today.

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Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb GP-LBU019BBEWA

Enjoying all the benefits of a smarter home is as easy as a single SmartThings Smart Bulb. Watch each room light up and adjust automatically from morning to evening and throughout your daily routine. Use together with the SmartThings app for simple and convenient lighting controls from anywhere.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor GP-U999SJVLAHE - White

Keep an eye on your home even when away. The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor recognises events such as an opened window or door, so you stay informed.* Pre-programmed settings let your devices react when an event like this occurs.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Plug GP-WOU019BBEWA - White

The device that makes your appliances smart. Smart Plug uses precise control and reporting to move your appliances to the next generation.

Samsung SmartThings V3 Hub GP-U999SJVLGAA - White

All your devices under one hub - Bring hundreds of compatible devices like lights and sensors together wirelessly under a single hub that lets you monitor and make them work together in harmony. Personal scene settings like Movie Night let your customised modes keep going even if the internet disconnects.

Samsung SmartThings Vision GP-U999GTEEAAC - White

SmartThings Vision is a unique in-home monitoring solution. Unlike a traditional camera, it captures only outlines so you keep your privacy, then alerts you through the SmartThings app. Technology that's also a part of your living space, coming in a minimal design that blends in with your everyday.