Remember when owning a flip phone was the coolest thing ever? The sound of flicking it open and the flare that comes with it will surely take you to a couple of trips down memory lane. Gone are the glory days of the once considered a revolutionary mobile phone. Or are they, really?

Below is the proof that the legacy of flip phones is still alive and flipping  even until now. With large, simple buttons, and colour display screens, flip phones are easy to use, great for children, seniors, and those who simple need a phone to be a phone.  Get your flip phone from Auditech.

Shop with Auditech for a wide range of unlocked flip phones and mobile devices. With Fast reliable service and free shipping for orders over $100, Auditech is your go to for affordable mobile flip phones. 

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Telstra Z2336T Flip 4 (4GX, Blue Tick, Flip Phone, Senior Phone, 8G/1G) - Black

Easy to use flip phone phone for people who just want a phone. Telstra BlueTick rated with external antenna port for excellent regional coverage.
$149.00 $145.00