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Alcatel 3026G Flip (3G, Senior Phone, 256MB/128MB) - Metallic Grey

Simply connect and remain safe

Aspera F40 (4G, Flip Phone, Senior Phone) - Titanium

The Aspera F40 continues our philosophy for Feature phones – simplicity, functionality, and usability, while being able to connect to the 4G network.

Telstra ZTE Z2335 Flip 3 (4GX, Blue Tick, Flip Phone) - Black

Easy to use flip phone phone for people who just want a phone. Telstra BlueTick rated with external antenna port for excellent regional coverage.
$119.00 $107.10

Nokia 2720 (4G/LTE, Flip Phone, Senior Phone) - Ocean Black

The classic flip phone is back. Stay connected with 4G and the WhatsApp and Facebook apps. It features two screens – the external screen shows who’s calling. The big buttons make for easy messaging and dialing. Plus, the dedicated emergency button is there for extra peace of mind.
$139.00 $136.00