Why You Should Buy Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Today

Gone are the days when your only choices for headphones were wired.


Nowadays, headphones come in a huge variety of styles, and the best part is, there are lots of wireless options. And now, there’s a new guy in town and it’s making waves!


Bone conduction headphones are on the scene now and this newer style of headphones make it possible to listen to your favourite tunes without actually plugging something in your ears or be blasting it to everyone else as well!


While this probably sounds like a little bit of witchcraft, these headphones use sound principles that are centuries old – in fact, they are so old, Beethoven used them!


So, keep reading to learn all about the advantages of bone conduction headphones!


Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Advantages


“I’m not using traditional headphones again”, and “It lets you feel the music”, that’s what we often hear from people using Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones.


This unique style of headphones offers its users various advantages that just cannot be had with other kinds of headphones.


Before we jump into the benefits of bone conduction, let’s first talk about how the headphones actually work.


The Sense of Reverberation


“It lets you feel the music”, a common phrase that we hear from the users of these headphones, but how does it let you feel the music?


Well, instead of letting the music travel directly through our eardrums, this technology enables sound to reverberate through our bones. Thus, these headphones let the music travel all throughout the headphones and not just through our ears, making people feel the sound rather than just simply hearing. 


While some wireless bone conduction headphones still have an earbud, however, unlike traditional headphones, this device utilises bone conduction to transport sound through the device and into our inner ear via our skull.


You're hearing it through the earbud as usual (assuming you choose that model), but unlike others, the sound is intensified, vibrations are skipping the eardrum and flowing straight to your inner ear. It is indeed unique and an out-of-this-world experience.


Perfect for Gyms and other activities


If you like listening to music while working out, cleaning, or doing any sort of activity that requires movement, then wireless bone conduction headphones are perfect for you! Even when you’re all sweaty from moving, these headphones don’t’ fall off our slip out of your ears, like you might experience with other in-ear headphones. That’s thanks to the bar that fits perfectly around your head. We would even bet that bone conduction headphones will stay put when you’re doing a backflip!



Do Bone Conduction Headphones have safety advantages?


Regardless of the headphones, too much noise can be harmful, and these wireless bone conduction headphones are no exemption from it. But, when used accordingly, then it is sufficient to say that these headphones do have safety advantages. 


Noise-canceling headphones work in the opposite manner as wireless bone conduction headphones. Wireless bone conduction headphones allow noise from all around to penetrate into our inner ears instead of channeling all sound via the eardrum. Therefore, we still hear the sounds around us, which is beneficial from a safety perspective. Those running or cycling in an urban environment while listening to music or podcasts will still be able to hear car horns, sirens, or other risks while enjoying their music.


More Awareness Advantages


Do you always feel anxious when wearing your noise-canceling headphones because you might not be able to hear people calling for you, or register things that are happening around you? Well, with wireless bone conduction headphones, this is no longer an issue. You're now able to still hear the world clearly even if you're listening to loud music or podcasts.  Additionally, you no longer need to pause music just to converse with others.


It gives freedom for people with hearing disabilities


People suffering from eardrum difficulties have benefited the most from this technology. Unlike other types of earphones, which transmit sound directly through the eardrum, wireless bone conduction headphones reach the cochlea through other portions of the skull or ear.


Wireless bone conduction headphones are seen as lifesavers for some that suffer from hearing loss. This technology allows people who have outer ear issues to use headphones like the rest of us. Many issues still remain, but these wireless bone conduction headphones make their disabilities no longer a hindrance for them to enjoy music or podcasts.


People who are visually impaired rely on their sense of hearing more than the rest of us. Wireless bone conduction headphones also benefit them for it allows them to take in external stimuli while still listening to music wirelessly like the rest of us.


It gives an out-of-this-world audio experience


Last but not the least, wireless bone conduction headphones give a unique and out-of-this-world listening experience. It may feel weird at first, and it may take some time before we get used to it, but sooner or later, the advantages of it become clear and noticeable.


These headphones also provide choices. For those who seek the complete experience, earbuds are available, for people who want to rely solely on bone conduction technology, then go with the ones with no earbuds and use them exclusively.


Where to buy your bone conduction headphones from


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