A Guide to the Different Kinds of Headphones

side view of plantronics overear headphones

Ask anyone, headphones are one of the best tech accessories that has ever been made!

Headphones make it possible to listen to any kind of audio, from almost any device, anywhere! You don’t need to disturb those around you while you listen to your favourite music blasting on high volume or that po...

Benefits of Using Portable Modems for Your Internet Connection

a telstra portable modem

Having an internet connection 24/7 is a must nowadays; most people can’t live their lives without being connected to the internet as many transactions, ways of communicating, and forms of entertainment are easily accessible because of the internet.


Thankfully portable modems make staying onlin...

The Benefits of Choosing Rugged Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an absolute necessity in the past decade. Ask someone what they can’t leave their homes without, their top 3 answers almost always include their phone.


We throw a lot at our mobile phones, we not only take them everywhere with us, but we use them to make calls, take p...

2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale


Black Friday


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